Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few more good workouts

A few more workouts closer to Worlds and I'm feeling good. I actually took Monday off since it was a holiday and I wasn't on my normal schedule. Considering the pool's flakiness in being open on holidays I decided not to waste the time and gas to even go see if it was open. Instead I enjoyed the warm, sunny day and packed in a little extra MCAT studying.

Which brings us to Tuesday. I had Monday's workout to make up and Tuesday's usual workout to fit in. My swim was fairly strong, especially now that I'm trying to practice breathing out under water. Surprisingly, swimming is a whole lot easier when you don't try to hold your breath. For a long time I didn't even realize I did this. When I would come up for air I'd try to breath out really quickly and then suck in as much air as possible before submerging my face under water again. I would usually be wheezing after 200m and I really don't think much oxygen was making it around my body. Breathing out through my nose underwater seems to be helping with this.

So that was Monday's workout that I pushed to Tuesday. And then I got right out of the pool, quickly dried off, and changed for my usual Tuesday run. 10 min warm up, 30 min tempo run, 10 min cool down. I didn't have any water, Gatorade, or food in between so I started feeling weak about half way through this workout. Not exactly what I wanted, but my body will be subjected to this state in the future so no matter, I pushed through it as I would in a race and finished out the 30 min tempo run as best I could. The cool down brought me right back to the place I started so my pace hadn't dropped off much from the beginning of my run despite feeling like I was running in jello.

Wednesday is normally a recovering day for me, but this week I decided to play off the exhaustion from yesterday and went out for a (fairly) hard bike and short run. My brick was surprisingly better than expected considering the run I did on Tuesday and the condition of my legs. I think I'll have to start getting used to putting in 2 hard workouts in a row and hope that my legs adapt accordingly. And my 20 min run after my 20 mile bike felt a whole lot better than expected. All good stuff.

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