Monday, May 26, 2008


This weekend was one of my hardest (highest intensity at race distance) training weekends yet and I have to admit that I am quite happy with how it went. I deviated a bit from my training plan because I just didn't feel like I have enough bricks included in the weeks prior to Worlds. So Saturday I went out for a 30 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run. It went well. I was a bit weak on the run, but that's what happens when you don't hydrate well on the bike (nor the morning of your workout). So it was no surprise that I wasn't sweating after being out in the 80 weather for 2.5 hours. The sun can act like an energy theif on those kinds of days so I didn't argue with it and threw in the towel early, went home, and recovered.

Sunday came around and I was feeling recovered. Off I went on a 10 mile bike and then a 6 mile run near race pace. I thought that I'd have been more affected by my bike the day before. But the run went well despite the heat, blazing sun, and lack of water on the run loop that I picked (I picked it because of the relative shadiness compared to other loops around my house). And so I am thrilled to say that my workouts seem to be paying off and I might just be ready for Worlds in 2 weeks with the goal of PRing significantly. It's just not always easy to get everything in while holding down a 45 hr/week job, studying for the MCAT, and applying to medical schools. I sure hope it all pays off in the end!


MJ said...

Hi there,

I decided to leave this comment on another post because I wasn't sure if you'd want it to be up front on your race report.....

By the way, I am Meyrick. I raced in Vancouver as well. I was the local here that arranged for the handlers.... I also know the race organizers quite well.

I think you are the World Champion (i.e. you should have won the gold medal.) If you look at the run splits - you started the run with a three minute (approx.) lead on Amy... then it looks like she passed you. BUT, she only did two laps. I'm sure it was an honest mistake.... but her run split was 30 minutes (as fast as Javier Gomez (men's elite winner) the next day.)

You guys are teammates and maybe you have worked it out, but I thought you should know.

If you feel like following up - I can point you to the right people.

Apart from all that - great race! Congrats!

Meyrick Jones

MJ said...

By the way, feel free to delete both of these comments... I will post a real congrats on the race report post....