Friday, May 2, 2008

2008 White House to Lighthouse Soldier Ride

Another typical soldier ride morning. Up too early, head still hurting from the night before. It was a beautiful day though and once we got outside I felt a lot better. We were headed out for a 26 mile ride around Annapolis, the route chosen by the owner of a local bike shop. Our group was a little larger this day with the addition of Navy cycling team who were doing a recovery ride anyway.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a couple of the guys during the ride, all of whom had gone straight to college after high school graduation. They had a ton of respect for these soldiers and, like me, were honored to have this opportunity to ride with them. The wounded warriors had done what they themselves were preparing to do.

The day went as usual with frequent stops and lots of food. We had a nice stop at a small beach that looked across at the lighthouse and then we road downtown to celebrate the ride. I was even honored with the receipt of 2 navy jerseys, which I will proudly wear (even if the Army guys don't like it)!

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