Saturday, March 31, 2012

lap 3 of umstead

Well it's not often that you can post on a blog, text family and friends updates and listen to an audobook during a race. Lao 3 has been a little less fun but it's still going by quickly. 34 miles in 6:35

Race Morning

Less than 2 hours until race start and it's raining. Not just a drizzle, but real rain! Well I went into this expecting the unexpected so things are getting off to a good start!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Umstead 100 3/31/2012

The count down to the 2012 Umstead 100 mile ultra is about at an end. Tomorrow is the big day when 283 runners will sprint off the starting line at 6:00am to run a 12.5 mile loop 8 times most likely finishing up the following day. I will be attempting to blog from the course and Alex will no doubt be sending updates about my progress. Looking forward to the adventure. Please post encouraging words or send "your crazy" text messages to keep my entertained. :)