Monday, September 1, 2008

Rafael Nadal at the US Open

I had the pleasure of joining the USTA Florida section in the President's Suite today for lunch and got a couple of shots of Rafael Nadal against Sammy Querrey. A little more on lunch: it was an incredible experience. Everyone was absolutely fantastic and supportive. I met David Denkins, the former mayor of New York City, Pancho Seguro, Tony Trabert, Andy Everett to name a few, and had lunch with a number of USTA members and volunteers. Another wonderful experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw you ballgirling at the US Open about a week ago. Thought you were kind of hot ;) Anyway, I just saw a video about you that someone posted on a tennis forum, and then I realized you had a website which I also checked out. Anyway, you seem like a really awesome girl. It's amazing that you do all the things that you do. So yeah, I just wanted to tell you I think you're awesome... and if you do the ballgirl thing again next year I'm totally gonna ask you for a picture or something :)

Catherine said...

Querry put up a good fight yesteday. It was an exciting match! Thanks for the cool pictures. Let us know when you'll be ballgirling again so we can see the match. We keep looking for you.