Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to IM training

After 3 weeks in NY I am still trying to get back on track for the IM I've signed up for in November. When I signed up in January the race just seemed so far off, but now it's creeping up on my quickly and I need to get my butt in gear. It was tough to get all of my workouts in while living it up in the Hyatt in New York City with no bike, no running trails, and no swimming pool. The substitutes: stationary bike (with TV), treadmill (also with a TV), and ummm...upper body workouts. I got in a fair amount of mileage without ever moving an inch. Now the quality of those workouts is being put to the test as I continue to increase the volume of training. I logged a 19 mile run over the weekend followed by a 60 mile bike on Sunday. So far, the good news is that I am still relatively injury free (just some nagging knee pain that I hope will fade as I get back on the trail instead of concrete) and I am able to recover from one workout to the next quicker than ever. I am looking to put another long bike and run in this weekend as long as I can get all of my work done too. I have to be careful to avoid getting too rundown because I'm walking a fine line with overtraining.

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