Sunday, August 31, 2008

More fun at the US Open

I don't know where to begin considering everything that's gone on here at the US Open. It's been an incredible experience with many fun matches, great plays, and bloopers. For the most part we all just do our job as expected, but sometimes the unexpected happens and we have to improv as possible. Like the other day when I was working a doubles match. Now, most ballkids agree that the net positions have it easy in doubles matches because the front player normally hits us the ball after it's hit the net. But every once and awhile I'd rather race out and pick up a dead ball than go chasing after a bouncing ball that seems to go in every direction. Yesterdat during a match the player hit me the ball and my hands were out ready to scoop it up so I could race back to my spot next to the chair umpire. But the ball had other plans as it sliced between my hands and wedged itself between my legs. Awkward? Yes, but I thought to myself "hey, maybe nobody saw that." No such luck. As we ran off the court after the match, the other ballkids agreed that the best catch of theday was the one between my legs! great! I guess everyone saw.

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